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​​​​​​Rey Martinez, was born in Havana, Cuba. Such amazing surroundings inspired him at a very young age, to become a photographer;

but opportunities in the island were all so limited, it wasn't until he migrated to the United States (Miami),  that he was able to turn
his passion into a tangible reality. He joined the Martin Technical College to give his talent a fomented education.
In 1989 he graduated and shortly after,  this very talented photographer, took on the world, capturing through his lens and with his
artistic nature, unforgettable and timeless moments.
He has been for 18 years Chief News Photographer, on Telemundo Network, has covered news in more than 20 countries, and has won
several EMMYS. But for Rey photography isn't just a profession it is a calling. He wrestles with every image he shoots until achieving
perfection. He has also become a master of still photography, specializing in portraits and landscapes; capturing the essence of what
is not visible to the naked eye, by always revealing his heart and soul in every single shot.
No one can really say what makes a great photographer better than another. But I know what makes Rey's photography unique. His sense
of timing, a keen eye, intuitiveness, his passion,  and above all, his dedicated insanity. Yes, like any true artist, insanity is an indispensable
part of the creative process, and when all of these elements are in tune a great photographer is born.
And very few like Rey Martinez can make an image be worth more than a thousand words